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Minors & Certificates

Nearly all Liberal Arts majors require a minor. Regardless of your catalog, you must see your major advisor to declare a minor. 

The minor requirement is satisfied with an approved minor or certificate. These minors appear on transcripts and require between 15 and 21 hours of coursework.

Declaring a Minor

Step 1 - Apply 

The required application can be submitted online or with an academic advisor in your major.

Step 2 - Approve

Most minors are auto-approved; they are open to all students and will show as approved immediately after the application is submitted. Some minors are restricted, however, and must be reviewed by the offering department. Restricted minors may require a minimum GPA or an additional application.

Step 3 - Pursue

Meet with your major advisor to have the approved minor added to your profile and complete the process.

All three steps - apply, approve, pursue - can be completed by your major advisor.


The University of Texas at Austin offers undergraduate students a wide variety of transcriptable certificates. Students should discuss certificates with their academic advisor to see how it could fit in their overall academic plan. See the Undergraduate Catalog for more information on transcript-recognized certificates.